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This Woburn Parent Network (WPN) program will help participants learn about how this "new norm" impacts teen / tween mental health, how parents can help support them, and have their questions answered. More details on the presentation follow below. 

This WPN program is funded through CHNA 15 DoN funds from Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, coordinated by SCI Woburn  in partnership with Woburn Public Schools and the James L. McKeown Boys & Girls Club of Woburn. 

Ready Set Routine

SCI Woburn in conjunction with Woburn Public Schools and the James L McKeown Boys & Girls Club have launched the Woburn Parent Network with a virtual program designed for these challenging times!

Our first program, offered on April 15 was a great success! We had some 140 parents participate, and we thank all who joined and Jennifer Mahon for presenting!

This link has a collection of the materiels Jennifer shared. You can make a copy to edit the files as you see fit. You can see the full program below

Further event details are below. 


Jennifer Mahon is a former public school educator with over 20 years of experience and a mother of four school aged children.

During this workshop, Jennifer will connect with parents to help them establish simple daily/weekly routines to assist parents and kids achieve more structure and comfort during this difficult time. Jennifer's topics will focus on developing simple family expectations that will allow parents and children to understand how to adjust to the new "normal" of social distancing.

This workshop is designed to help families create a more comfortable flow to their daily life and these "tips" can continue to provide structure to family life when "things get back to normal". There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion after Jennifer presents her tips. Please join Jen via Zoom on Wednesday April 15th at 10:30 am and/or 6:00pm.

You can find the facebook event here, or email David Crowley for more information. 

This program from the Woburn Parent Network is funded through CHNA 15 DoN funds from Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, coordinated by SCI in partnership with Woburn Public Schools and the James L. McKeown Boys & Girls Club of Woburn.

It is indeed a strange time to be alive.  We've all had events, programs, classes, work and leisure activities cancelled and postponed.  But, through it all we have  united as a community and shown our best side to be kind, generous and caring.  Although we are saddened to  come to the decision to postpone our usual WorldFest event until 2021 we are excited about our pivot to host a... 

Virtual WorldFest Weekend May 15-17!

flier for the GenLynk program matching seniors citizens with volunteer callers.

At SCI we are concerned about keeping people socially connected and supported, in addition to meeting important basic needs during this COVID-19 crisis.

We are pleased to support Winchester High School student Ben Burns as an outreach partner for the GenLynk program he is developing to match seniors with volunteers in a phone buddy system.

A number of people have expressed interest in volunteering for something like this. There has definitely been a big interest in volunteering; Ben has a good number of initial volunteers signed up.

Language Volunteers

There is a great opportunity for people with language skills to help people in need during this time of crisis!

Role: Volunteer translators
Task: Translate important materials such as program fliers into other languages.
Skills needed: Ability to translate materials from English into one or more of the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole Frequency: Available to translate 1 or 2 items per month

From the onset of the closure of schools in Woburn the district has been working hard to provide food to those in need.  As the public health crisis is an ongoing and rapidly evolving situation there have been necessary changes made to the food assistance program along the way.  

The YMCA of Greater Boston branches and centers will be open for Emergency Care on a drop in basis, in accordance with state guidelines. They will be serving infants, toddlers, preschoolers and