Woburn Reads Kickoff Event

Woburn Public Library

On Thursday, March 6 the Woburn Historical Society and Friends of the Woburn Public Library have teamed up together for the launch of Woburn Reads 2014, a community reading experience. Woburn Reads will have several events taking place throughout the month of March. The first event will take place at Woburn Memorial High School located at 88 Montvale Avenue beginning at 7 pm. The book that was chosen for this year's Woburn Reads event is titled "The Art Forager" written by Barbara Shapiro. This book is a literary thriller about a disgraced artist, Claire Ross who will get a one woman show if she will copy a painting given to her by a noted gallery owner. Her dilemma is she must copy a masterpiece that was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Garden Museum.

Anthony Amore, Director of Security at the Isabella Stewart Garden Museum and author of "Stealing Rembrandt" will be speaking on the major Rembrandt heists in the last century. He will give a multi-media presentation including details about the unsolved Gardner Museum heist. On March 18,1990, two thieves disguised as policemen and stole 13 pieces of artwork valued at $500 million from the museum. All 13 pieces remain missing to date. Amore has been leading efforts to track down the missing artwork since he was hired by the museum as chief investigator. 

As a nice surprise, artwork by the Joyce Middle School 8th graders will be on display. These students have studied missing artwork, learned techniques used by artists to replicate their favorite pieces of stolen art. jordans for sale style