Social Capitalist of the Month!

SCI is pleased to recognize Pennie Sibley as our Social Capitalist of the Month! She volunteered to direct 5th grade students at the Malcolm White Elementary School in Woburn in an anti-bullying play called "My Bully."

The first production of the play took place on Friday, March 15th. Principal Eric Stark kicked off the event by welcoming esteemed guests including the Mayor of Woburn Scott Galvin and Chief of Police Robert Ferullo.

The play went through a series of scenes as one of the students is continuously bullied by another student. Some of the other students stand by the victim and offer him advice on how to stop this bully.

In between scenes, students came out on stage with posters reading ways to prevent bullying. Eventually, the bully is forced to face the consequences of her actions when she is brought to the principal's office and suspended from school. The message of this play is that bullying will not be tolerated in school. 

Sibley has been teaching approximately 35 older students this play. Younger students can apply by lottery to be a part of this play as they become older. 

This play was made possible by funding from the Woburn Cultural Council. If it is received well, this play may be duplicated for other Woburn elementary schools. 

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