SCI Matching Funds to Help Local Resident with Emergency Fuel Assistance

Typically, Social Capital Inc. doesn't get involved with matters of fuel assistance, but we do bring community members together to address local needs. When a Woburn resident contacted us because she had recently run out of funding through the Tri-Cap program and had been out of oil for three days, we wanted to do anything we could to help. 

We contacted as many organizations that we could find and were unable to locate any available funding. We then decided it might be best to see if we could raise the amount needed to fill this resident's tank, while contacting local oil companies to see if they would be willing to match the funds.

After contacting Stoneham Fuel, the oil company that typically delivers fuel to this resident's home through Tri-Cap funds, they agreed to get a truck to this resident's home immediately as long as we were able to match the funds.

The oil company explained if you go three days without heating your home in this weather, your pipes are at risk of bursting and it could cause severe damage to the home. We were also told that there were numerous other residents in the area in the same position as this woman, out of fuel assistance and living in a home with no heat.

Social Capital Inc. is extremely grateful for Stoneham Fuel for stepping up to solve an immediate need. Update: We have now raised enough to match the donation from Stoneham Fuel.

If anyone would like to donate towards the "Emergency Fuel Assistance Fund" to help other Woburn residents in need, you can make a check out to Social Capital Inc.and mail it to:

165M New Boston St., Suite #233
Woburn, MA 01801

In the memo section of your check, please write "Fuel Assistance." 

If you would like to pay by credit card, please use the following link:

After paying online, you will receive an e-mail from us to confirm your donation was intended for fuel assistance.

SCI will be convening community groups and individuals interested in developing a systematic way of addressing issues like this in the future.

We are having our first meeting on Wednesday, January 30 at 11:00 am at the Boys and Girls Club of Woburn. The meeting will be held upstairs in the library. 

If you have any questions about how you can help, please contact Candice McLaughlin at (781) 935-2244 or