A Music-Filled Friday in Woburn

As you might gather, I'm not going to become a professional photographer any time soon. But I do love the many interesting snapshots one gets at our Citizens Park Concerts. Here several people enjoy Friday's Kevin So concert from their spot on the bench, while a father dances with his daughter. Once again, everyone seemed to enjoy the show! This one was sponsored by Comcast--many thanks for their support.

There was a new twist to this most recent performance. Kevin So conducted a two hour singer-songwriter workshop for teens at the Boys & Girls Club. They seemed to have a great time working with Kevin to write a song together--which was debuted later that night! I was struck in watching the workshop at how music and songwriting can really turn young people on to language, rhyming and other such concepts in a way more traditional approaches often don't.

The workshop is the first of many more to come through a new arts and culture collaborative we recently received a grant for; stay tuned for more on that!


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