Appliance Recycling Event at Spence Farm

Fridge in Recycling Bin

On Saturday, April 19 Spence Farm will host their first appliance recycling event of the year. This event will take place at Spence Farm located at 41 Wyman Street in Woburn from 9 am until 1 pm. The Appliance Recycling event will benefit Boy Scout Troop 519 projects and programs. A portion of the proceeds will go towards a scholarship fund set up for a Woburn Memorial High School graduating senior to continue their education in a field of environmental education. Below is a list of the new lower prices compared to Waste Management curbside pickup. 


Items Waste Management Curbside Medeiros Recycling Crew
Monitor/Laptop $25 $10
Television $25 $15
Projection TV $25 $15
Refrigerator $20 $10
Water Cooler $20 $10
Air Conditioner $20 $10
Freezer $20 $10
Dehumidifier $20 $10
Stove/Washer/Dryer $13 $10
Water Heater $13 $10
Dishwasher $13 $10

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