Commonwealth Connect phone app

Technology is making our lives easier once again with the launch of the new Commonwealth Connect smart phone app in the spring of 2013.

Much like the Citizens Connect app the city of Boston has been using since 2009, this app will allow Woburn residents to instantly report quality of life issues to the city government as soon as they are noticed. Quality of life issues may include potholes, streetlights, graffiti, sidewalks, damaged signs, roadway plowing or sanding, or unshoveled sidewalks.

All you need is a smart phone to be able to access this community resource. You can then take a photo of the issue and submit it along with some information. Residents will be allowed to track the progress of the "work order" as it is sent to the appropriate city department.

Woburn is one of 35 communities outside of Boston that was chosen for this program. It is funded by Governor Deval Patrick's Community Innovation Challenge Grant Program, and funding for this program will last for three years.