Calling all hep cats, jazz heads, beatniks, poets, musicians and artists of all kinds! Come check out the cool happenings at the upcoming Woburn Coffee House. There will be fun family entertainment for all, and we hope to see you there. The first Coffee House will be Wednesday, December 19th, in the North Suburban YMCA at 137 Lexington St. right here in Woburn. The Coffee House takes place from 7pm – 9pm and is a family friendly event, open to all, free of charge.

Grab your bongos and berets, and come on down!

The featured artist performing at the Coffee House is Walnut - Da Lyrical Geni, a writer, composer, and music producer coming to us from Lynn. We are excited to bring Walnut to Woburn for our Coffee House. For more information about Walnut, please visit these websites: &

The above video is from the Woburn Youth Council meeting on Tuesday November 6th, 2007.
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Vote!Tuesday, December 11th, is the 4th Middlesex Senate Seat Special Election. James Marzilli, Brion Cangiamila and Thomas Fallon will appear on the ballot. To find out where you should vote, click here.

Below are links to profiles of each of the candidates from the Woburn Advocate:

James Marzilli

Brion Cangiamila

Thomas Fallon

Something From Nothing

by Amanda Richardson
Monday November 19, 2007

Hip-Hop is a universal language that started with two turntables and a microphone. The street corners of New York City became enchanted with acapella ensembles and beat boxing. These are the examples the Honorable George Martinez used during his lecture to cite the ideas of creating something from nothing.

Hello Woburn

The brisk winter is quickly
approaching and every year the Woburn Youth Council collects coats from the
community and donates them to charity.

From Dec. 7th - Dec. 15th
the Youth Council will provide hangers to the community so all Woburn
residents can participate.
Traditionally, the hangers are dropped off at front doors in each
area. Please don’t hesitate to donate any coats due to stains or broken
zippers because local cleaners have volunteered to remedy any problems.
you are a retailer and you wish to donate coats you can drop them off
at the
Social Capital Inc. (SCI) office located at
165 New Boston Street Suite 233, Woburn

On Saturday December 15, 2007 the
Youth Council will make rounds in the community to pick up all donations from
12pm-3pm. Feel free to leave your donations at the front door on the hangers
they’ve provided. For all inquiries please contact me at (781)
935-2244 or by clicking here. Thank you for your participation.

Please feel free to check out my personal website.

Comments and content welcomed.


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