New Dietary Guidelines: Reduce Your Sugar Intake

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New Dietary Guidelines: Reduce Your Sugar Intake

By Jennifer Fox Williams, MPH

This month, the Obama Administration released new Dietary Guidelines for 2015-2020.  An important addition to the new guidelines is a focus on reducing the amount of added sugar consumed.  Research has increasingly demonstrated a link between consumption of added sugar and negative health outcomes, especially Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  

If you need convincing about why and how sugar is bad for your health, check out the links at the end of this article and watch this video:

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The new Dietary Guidelines recommend consuming no more than 10% of daily calories from added sugar.


Winchester Hospital Community Health Needs Forum


Every three years, state and federal mandates require the Winchester Hospital conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment. The hospital has recently completed this assessment and is moving forward with a community input component to identify specific health needs. With the help of John Snow Inc., a public health consulting firm, a community forum will be held:

When: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 6:30-8:00pm
Where: Woburn Senior Center, 144 School Street, Woburn MA.
Who: The towns of Medford, North Reading, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester and Woburn.

Sticking to New Years Resolutions to Lose Weight


By Jennifer Fox Williams, MPH

After months of holiday indulgence and celebration, the New Year often marks a turning point, as we try to shift back to healthier habits. A quick web search of “New Years Resolutions” leads to countless articles about how to lose weight and how to stick with diet and exercise plans. 

New Years Resolutions are made with the best intentions; however, despite our efforts, are resolutions are often broken over time.  Only 8% of people stick to their resolutions for the entire year, with 54% of people giving up in the first 6 months.  New Years Resolution Statistics 

The good news is that 45% of people make resolutions, and those who make resolutions are much more likely to meet their goals.

Lofty goals like “Lose 20 pounds” are likely to fail, according to research

James L. Mckeown Boys and Girls Club Pot of Gold Raffle

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The Best Holiday Gift You Can Give: Take Care of Yourself!


By Jennifer Fox Williams, MPH

One of the best gifts you can give this holiday season is to take care of yourself.   You will feelbetter, and you will probably find it easier to be more present and giving.  

Taking care of yourself can be challenging during the holidays.  You may feel pulled in different directions, strapped for time, strapped financially and beholden to expectations of others.


the best gift

The Best Holiday Gift You Can Give: Take Care of Yourself!

Get Your Free Flu Shots this Holiday Season

Flu Shots in the Woburn area

By Jennifer Fox Williams, MPH & SCI Volunteer Health Blogger

Getting an annual flu shot can be one of the easiest and most effective ways of avoiding the flu.  The flu, or influenza, is a respiratory illness that can range from mild to severe. In severe cases, it can result in hospitalization or even death.  Some people, such as young children, elderly people, and people with certain medical conditions are at greater risk for complications resulting from the flu.  

Getting a flu shot once a year helps protect you and the people around you.  If don’t get the flu, you can’t pass the flu onto others.


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