Boys and Girls Club Youth Make Blankets for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Youth making blankets

The effects from Hurricane Sandy were devestating to many parts of the East Coast, especially New York and New Jersey. Many individuals and organizations across the country have stepped up to do anything they can to help those in need.

Some of the youth at the Boys and Girls Club of Woburn decided that they would like to get involved too. On November 5th, they worked together in the gym to make no-sew fleece blankets for the victims of the hurricane. The youth also discussed the impact of the hurricane, some of whom have families near the devestated areas. 

Once the blankets were completed, they were shipped to Staten Island and distributed to nearby shelters. With many families losing most, if not all, of their possessions, these blankets will help keep many people warm throughout the cold winter months.

The blankets that the youth at the Boys and Girls Club of Woburn made are just one example of the many ways that the victims of the hurricane can be helped. You can also help by donating to the relief efforts of the Red Cross or Occupy Sandy. Please share any other ways you know of to help.

SCI would also like to recognize these youth as our Social Capitalists of the Month!